Mudgaurd for Manitou Mattoc Forks

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      Hey, can anyone recommend a mudgaurd that fits Manitou Mattoc forks as the arm is on the back and not the front of the fork. I have been looking for a while and cant find anything


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      Mucky Nutz Face Fender Reverse

      I bought a regular Mucky Nutz fender for Manitou fork not thinking about the reverse crown on it. I ended up just cutting a slit in it about half way back and that worked, and after the fact realized they make one designed for forks with the reverse crown, like Manitou. Hope this helps!

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      Thanks for this Dan, I have now ordered it


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      No problem! It comes with velcro stapping to attach it, but not that much. Some people use zipties but I prefer the velcro as it is a little easier to take off, and rubbing will not damage your fork at all. I bought some velcro cord ties at Home Depot for about $5 which came with I think 50, much easier to use IMO.

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