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      We’re visiting Colorado for a mountain biking trip and would be grateful for some ride recommendations. Plan on staying in Breckinridge, Fruita, Durango & Crested Butte. We are all decent rides of good fitness but unused to the altitude.
      All advise gratefully received. Cheers

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      You have two issues here temperature and altitude. I’ll explain using these examples of great Colorado destinations.

      Fruita/Moab. Low elevation <5000ft. Good for visitors from low altitude. Good for spring and fall riding but too hot for summer riding.

      Durango and surround areas. Medium elevation 5000-7000ft. Some low altitude visitors may experience altitude sickness or breathing difficulties. Good for spring, summer, and fall riding. However, summer riding is best done in the morning.

      Crested Butte, Gunnison, Monarch Crest, Salida. High elevation >7000ft. Low elevation visitors highly likely to experience altitude sickness or breathing difficulties. Good for summer riding only. High possibility of snow in early June or late September.

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      Bike Nerd kind of nailed it.  When are you coming out- weather is the driving factor.  The places you have chosen are amazing, but have shorter riding seasons and vastly diffirent seasons.  Post a rough idea of when you are coming and we can give you accurate info.  Altitude= drink more water or suffer!

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      We’re arriving 18th September for 2 weeks.

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      Absolutely the best time to be in Colorado- Sept 15- Oct 15th is the best 30 day stretch.  Might be one of the few times you can ride every place on your list at once.  The post right below yours called the “Impossible Task” is a detailed list that covers all those areas- worth reading for your trip.  Breckenridge- Kenosha pass to Brekenridge.  Crested Butte- Doctor Park.  Fruita- Kokopeli Trails and 18 Roads.  While in Darango, if you can pull yourself away from the breweries and the last couple sectins of the Colorado Trail, head over to Cortez and ride Phil’s World.  This is a great loop you have planned at the perfect time, have fun!

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      Do lift access one day for sure!  if they are still open..i would suggest Trestles(winter park)

      for gambling and single track fun stay in Black Hawk!!

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      Lift access is a great addition to this trip- especially if you don’t have much of it in your state.  Winter Park is a great place and you can’t go wrong with that choice.  You will be driving a lot of miles. so if you want to save a few, try Keystone it’s very close to Breck or while you’re in Crested Butte they have great lift service riding.  Bring a full face helmet and extra pads!  They can be rented.

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