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      Hey there,
      I am looking for (and asking if that’s even a reasonable request) an individual trainer who could teach me a thing or two about my technique and critique my riding.
      I am almost 40 now and have been riding a mountain bike only for about 18 months now. I go on the road with it quite a bit, but also to the local park (which, according to the LBS, is quite good and challenging). I have no problem doing the trails of all difficulties, even though I sometimes walk the more tricky sections. My heart rate monitor sometimes goes up maybe because of fear rather than exertion 😀
      Does this make sense? Does anybody know somebody in south Florida (greater Miami / Fort Lauderdale area) who would run a clinic and do individual training?
      Thanks much!

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      This is an interesting question to me, because I’m thinking of taking a cert. as a personal trainer, and doing some specialization in MTB skills and training. I just don’t know if there’s a market, especially since I would likely be training people who are younger, and often better riders then I am myself.
      As to skills camp, I can recommend as legit, and I’m sure there are more. I got a lot out of that. next one in FL not till Nov. all depends how far you want to go. … 284&srch=t
      I’m sure they would lay on a camp if you could get a group together down there.

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