MTB Sock Height: Low, Mid or High?

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      I’m mostly a fan of high-rise socks for mountain biking, but clearly there are other options out there that someone must be buying. Here in Georgia we have poison ivy so high socks offer extra protection, even though they can be hot in summer.

      Anyone a fan of low- or mid-rise socks for MTB?

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      No low socks for me. Apart from the aforementioned PI issues (and briars, and other pokey things) my issue with low socks is that dirt gets in there around my ankle.


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      I prefer mid, but I’ll go with high-rise if they’re free 🙂

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      Mid rise for this guy.   Although just got some high rise for Xmas that I will have to check out.

      It gets really hot and dry as a popcorn fart up here(Alberta, Canada) and I’m thinking that high rise might be too much.

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      Mid-size to High here but, I lean mostly High as much as possible. Depends on which socks are clean for my next ride. lol. Like Jeff said, the poison ivy here in Georgia is rampant and unforgiving when you step in it. I also ride with flat pedals so on those rare occasions where I have a pedal strike or lose my footing it’s good to have a high sock on to protect my shin from possible cuts and abrasions off the sharp pedal pins.

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      I do wear mid-rise socks occasionally, but never low rise socks. I like how low-rise socks look, I just can’t get past the heel rub I would get on the bike from my shoe.

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      Low for me unless its cold out then I have some highs that I can put on sometimes.

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      Mid….if I wear a high rise pair I tend to push them down just a bit.

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      Low for summer and mid for winter. No high for me.

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      No high rise for me and no straight black.

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      Mongwolf, you would hate to see my sock drawer then… All high rise, pretty much all black.

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      mid is the perfect height, they protect your legs while not making them hotter in the summer or letting dirt in. Now in the winter tall is where it is at, keeps your legs warmer.

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      Mid to low for me. Mostly merino wool in black or gray; I am particularly fond of the Defeet Blaze. I have short legs and the upper 1/3 of my shins are covered by knee armor. Covering everything becomes way too hot in Georgia except on few days of the year.

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      I like to wear my wife’s pantyhose. At a bike park, or somewhere that brush/weeds are not a problem, I may go with fishnet. With the seam up the back. 🙂

      Seriously, SOCKS? Did everyone run out of rad things to discuss???

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      Mid-rise or high-rise socks. I don’t exactly know why, but I’ve never worn a low-rise sock.

      Seriously, SOCKS? Did everyone run out of rad things to discuss???

      Hey, socks are rad! Out of all the groups of people I’ve encountered, mountain bikers care about their socks the most. Socks are important, and all our passion for them results in is happy feet.


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      I rode for years without socks.  My shoes would smelled pretty vile.  Recently (at the request of everyone around me) I have started wearing them again, so its lows until the winter and then its mids.

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      I usually wear mid height socks. When it is hot I squish them down low to keep cool better. If there is a lot of underbrush and prickly stuff that cuts me up or if it gets colder, I add on a set of G-Form shin guards.

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      Oh my word, ok people what a topic.

      Not sure if you read the bro, brah article recently, but high to mid is SO not bro-brah… I think low to mid is much better and makes riding way better whilst making you look better. It brings down your coolness a lot by wearing long socks! 🙂 wear low socks, end of story.

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      @MaxwellD I was just going to say that… but…… I normally wear high socks sorry bout the brahness point thing but hey if it helps i will wear it. during the winter when its muddy on the trial the high socks keep you just that much cleaner… Also my “high” socks normally tend to “fall down” a but making them more mid socks so… ankles socks normally bother me because dont stick up out of the shoe…

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      Mid socks because I always wear G Form knee/shin pads.

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      Summertime low, winter high.

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      I wear high socks that I scrunch down to mid risers. Thats just how I roll. I am immune to poison ivy, so I don’t need to wear’em high!

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