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    I’ve been riding regularly now for a good 2 years and while I FEEL like I enjoy my rides while on the trails there always, ALWAYS appears some type of “challenge” that I have either tried and failed miserably at (OTB comes to mind) or, now I simply get off my bike and walk over/through. At 55yrs old I just can’t afford too many crash/recoveries as the rate has seemed to slow down quite a bit. LOL

    With all that being said one of my riding buddies mentioned to me about the possibility of attending a 2-3 day skills clinic to learn some new “proper” ways to ride and even unlearn some bad habits that maybe we’ve brought on ourselves as we’ve ridden.

    Does or has anyone been to one somewhat located in the Southeast proximity that they were particularly satisfied with afterwards that also made a difference when you got back out on trails? If so, I’d love a link to them to check them out and see if they have anything coming up this fall.

    Thanks guys/gals!

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    kenwrightjr:  At 55 yrs old I just can’t afford too many crash/recoveries

    At 57, I keep trying (failing) to tell myself that.  🙂  Truth be told, I ride harder now than ever (read: riskier), which has, is, and always will, lead to more crashes.  I don’t have any info on clinics in your area, but I have on few occasions considered one or two.  Never executed though.  Having been riding mountain bikes since the late 70’s, long before clinics existed, I feel I learned a lot just frequently riding with others better than me on the very trails I frequented.  I’ve recently gone through revisiting some basics with a new (newer geometry) bike.  I had to relearn a few things.  Also, over the years, trails have changed a lot.  For me, it’s a never ending learning process.  Part of what I like about the sport.

    If you can’t find a clinic, find some riders that have some real experience, and just hang with them.  It’s certainly a more casual approach, but fun, and what you pick up will probably stick better.  Kind of like, hands on experience versus theoretical class.  Just my thought on it.

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    I did two, half day clinics with Ninja Mountain Bike Performance at Santos FL, this year for my 61st birthday.  Basic skills and beginning jump classes.   Looks like they have a 3 day adventure at mulberry gap Oct 12-14 and one and two day classes on Nov 3,4 at Blankets Creek. And both are discounted right now.


    It was great, but tough. By the end of the day I didn’t get as much as I could from the jumping clinic as my legs were shot and kept cramping. Then they divided the jumping clinic into two groups, those on the medium small jump, and those on the VERY small jump. I felt good about it, as bad as I was doing, they allowed me in the medium small jump group.

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