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      My buddy Rick is working on his PHD in Recreation and Sports Management and he’s running a survey exploring the link between events like MTB races and tourism.

      I am conducting research on how cyclists create lifestyles based on travel to participate in sport events for my doctoral dissertation. The results of the study may help amateur athletes, event managers, and tourism boards better understand how to create sport events that embrace the positive benefits of sport. These results may not directly help you today, but may benefit your future cycling participation.

      If you have a few minutes, please take the survey to help him out! … OJ0qL6tBel

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      Bump. It’s a question we’ve been pondering: Do mountain bikers traveling to races and events boost local economies? Take this survey to help researchers determine why mountain bikers race and what it means for their families, communities, etc.

      Once the research is complete we’ll work with the researchers to share some of the most interesting results!

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