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    In case anyone is looking for a non-profit to support on giving Tuesday, here are some ideas:

    • IMBA
    • Trips for Kids
    • Sustainable Trails Coalition
    • Your local MTB club
    • Wheels 4 Life

    Any others that you’re supporting this year?

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    I would add NICA, or your local NICA-sponsored state league.  Being a NICA coach myself, I might be a bit biased 🙂

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    Yes, can’t believe I forgot NICA!

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    Project hero (ride to recovery)

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    Contributors should know that IMBA retains 20% of every contribution made to the DigIn campaign as a marketing and promotion fee. IF you want 100% of  your donation to go to trail construction and maintenance projects, then contribute directly to the chapter or club doing the work.


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