MTB Newbie with valve stem problems

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      I just bought my first full suspension cannondale super v 700 and my back tire continues to break the valve stem where it goes into the tube. I got stranded in the bush today because I went thru 3 tubes. I am using presta valves and have gone thru 6 tubes in the last 2 weeks since I bought the bike. I buy all top qaulity tubes. Any suggestions how I fix this problem. It would really be cool if someone has an answer or suggestion thanks. It really sucked walking out for 5 miles today. 😕

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      Welcome to singletracks adanac15,wow 5 miles is quite a walk when you’ed rather be riding,hahahahaaha,hate walking the trails.
      Man,have you looked around the inside of the rim where the presta valve sit’s in the rim?Sounds like the hole where the valve sits was not reemed out when it was drilled at the factory and there is metal which is cutting through the tube causing it to break open.
      Check that and let us know what you find…..

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      Thanks I looked at the rim and it does seem like there is a small burr around the hole, not as smooth as the holes that were drilled for the spokes. I will use a reamer to de-burr the hole and let you know how it works thanks for you input. 😀

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      Drilled out the inner hole put powder on the tube rode down the mountain so far so good no flats thanks for your input. I’m real great-full.

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      Your welcome dude.

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