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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Merry Christmas all (or whatever respective holiday you celebrate) I am looking to get a subscription to a mountain bike magazine I am a trail, all mountain, enduro, bikepacker mountain biker and want to get a subscription to a magazine that covers a lot of this and don’t know what magazine to go with. Heard dirt rag, and bike magazine are popular but don’t know what ones to go with. Thanks</p>

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    Dirt Rag is Great. It has many articles about multi-day trips, regular trips, reviews of gear of all type, and a lot of the articles are written by people that are well known throughout the MTB community.

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    Ok thanks I’ll probably go with them sounds like a good magazine

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    Bike Magazine is one of my favorites! Dirt Rag is also pretty good.

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    I just subscribed to Mountain Bike Action and Dirt Rag.  I bought both from the newstand (yep… actual paper magazines) and liked them enough to subscribe to them (digitally).  There’s also IMB, a free digital magazine.  I should also mention MBR (Mountain Bike Rider).  I haven’t subscribed to it (yet) but it’s produced in the UK and I’m not there. Not a big deal really, but if you’re in the same boat as me… a currency converter may come in handy, lol.

    Hope that helps.


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