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      we are a group of spanish bikers and we will be visiting Colorado for the Breck Epic in August. We will arrive one week before the race starts and we are looking for plans for that week.

      We don´t want to go very far from Breckenridge, maximum 3-4 hours by car, and we are looking a place for mountain biking, hiking, having some beers, etc. We would also like to ride our bike in high altitude, I don´t know if there is any 14er we can ride.

      Thanks in advance!!!

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      Staying in the high country is a good idea in August.  3-4 hours from Breck covers most of the state, so your options are limitless.  While in Breckenridge it is hard to beat Kennosha Pass to Breckenridge.  14er- Pikes Peak/ Elk Park.  Monarch Crest is an absolute classic high country ride.

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      I’m sure you want to spend as little time in a car as possible, but if you’re willing to drive, the town of Fruita is 3 hours west of Breckenridge, and Moab, Utah is a little farther than that.  It’s a pretty drive, at least.  Moab has probably the most famous trail system in the United States, and the riding out of Fruita is very similar, and less crowded.  Of course, if you’re traveling internationally to race, you may have already been there. 🙂

      Aspen and Crested Butte are also in your range, and though I have no experience riding there, they are beautiful towns worth visiting for the scenery alone, and I have no doubt the many local bike shops would be happy to make recommendations.

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      Muke is right about the riding, but Fruita in August is brutal.  Crested Butte is Gods gift to Mtn Bikers and August is a good time- Doctor Park is a must.  The drive is long, but worth it!!

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      Oh right, August, good point!

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