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      Apparently Giant is recalling a number of mountain bikes sold in Australia due the fact that they were sold with handlebars wider than 700mm. BikeRumor has the full info:

      The good thing about a recall is that for consumers, it’s voluntary. So if you’re cool with 800mm bars on your MTB, you don’t have to trade them in. Not only that, Giant doesn’t have to cover the cost since you’re cool with the bars you already have. Maybe that was Giant’s plan all along…

      The article also mentions that the bikes are “unsafe” because they didn’t ship with chain guards. Sounds like Australia needs to update their bike safety regs.

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      Talk about government overreach.  Crazy.  Politicians can really get out of hand with government regulations.

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      Even better. Front derailleurs are considered “chain guards.” Apparently, the Australian government hates 1 bys.

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      Has nothing to do with politicians, this is a very old rule which is now being enforced seemingly at random. I very much doubt any politician cares (they do not enforce rules, civil servants do). If you’ve seen the episode of the Simpsons where alcohol gets banned, it’s basically the same here.

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