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      While reading the posts regarding older riders (I am a 60 year old rider) I’d like to get their input regarding handlebar height. On my touring bikes I set the handlebars about a half  inch above the saddle for comfort on long rides. That is my preference.
      Is the same mindset when setting the handlebar height, i.e., touring comfort or aggressive competitve riding posture. Or, should the handlebars be level with the saddle.
      I look forward hearing from you.

      P.S. Great to hear from other MTB seniors.

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      I am not a senior and I can’t advise on handlebar height. But I wanted to say I appreciate hearing from my elders in the riding community. I love riding and feared the idea of not doing it as I get older. I see this post and know I have many years ahead of me. Keep riding. Inspires and encourages me and I am sure others.

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      I’m a senior rider, I do not know much about what your talking about, but I have a RaceFace Atlas 1.25” Riser Handlebar (Green) 785mm 32mm Rise. Not sure if this helps.

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      I’m 63 and both my bikes the bars are about an inch and a half above the seat when dropper is up.

      But to start with it is totally personal preference. The concept is for going down steep hills higher is usually better. The caveat is that they still need to be low enough so that you are not stopped from leaning forward far enough to clear steep uphills.

      Personally I would like to run my bars even higher, but where they are at times doing quick sharp ups, I touch the bars with my body leaning forward. But I figure they are about right as I usually only realize that I had hit the bars when I notice I have knocked my odometer of its mount again.


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      My bars are just slightly above my seat (see here). But I have ridiculously long arms. I am 65.

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      I am 63. One bike I ride is an FS trail bike with riser bars for aggressive trails riding and some DH. I also have a dropper post so, when my seat is at full height it is level with the top of my stem.

      I also have a hard tail XC bike with a flat bar. My seat is level with the top of the handlebar. This is mostly for speed and efficiency.

      The seat height measurement I believe is more important is that I get a full leg extension when my foot is at the bottom to cycle. The handlebar height is set to balance my weight evenly between the tires. This way I can slide around on the seat to shift my weight front to back as necessary.

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      My seat is about 2″ higher and I’m 67. Turner Flux is a great climber and descending bike at 27.1 lb.

      Have long legs.


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      I have a preference for being more behind the bar as opposed to towering over it. Partly, this id driven by scoliosis however, I like a playful ride since I ride dirt and enjoy the features nature provides. I rarely ride the seat higher than the bar since it is very uncomfortable. Frankly, it is more of benefit to get into my powerband than ride a roadie stance since that is irrelevant to trials on the trail.


      Bar preference is 10° bacsweep, 6° upsweep for a more trialsy feel. Next bar will likely be 40mm rise, 12° back, 8° up, 800mm width mandatory. So, custom grossly priced bar in the future.

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