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      I am looking for any recommendations on a clipless shoe that people here are using for both their MTB shoe and their road cycling shoe. I use SPD cleats, clipless on my road bike and which switch between platforms and clipless on my trail bike. I have tried Five Ten Hellcat shoes for the platform and ability to take some abuse but, they are a bit heavy and Shimano ME3  for the best fit and feel but, the platform section could be better.

      Or am I looking for a unicorn and should just use two different shoes for road and MTB?

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      Well, here I am answering my own question. After hours of research and input. I would like to recommend and older shoe. The Shimano SH-XC90L shoe appeals to me for both XC and road cycling. Jeff himself recommended these shoes several years ago. I would highly recommend these shoes as a crossover shoe. My experience so far is limited however, these shoes, if you can find them in good condition, are very comfortable, light weight, have a carbon sole plate, two cleat set up and and very good fit around your foot. You can even have them molded to your foot if you want. They were designed as an XC racing shoe and can easily compete with a typical road shoe. Plus, it gives you the ‘walking’ option for off road hikes and irreparable road failures when you are miles from your origination location and without peer assistance.

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      I gave up on road shoes about 15 years ago. I had a pair of Shimano road shoes and the fit was not good which caused my toes to go numb on long rides. Since I prefer MTB, I decided to just wear my MTB shoes for road cycling as they were much more comfortable. Plus I bought some extra MTB pedals for the road bike. Currently, I wear a pair of Bontrager MTB shoes that just might be the most comfortable cycling shoes I’ve ever owned. I see that my particular model of shoe isn’t offered by Bontrager but I believe it to be similar to the Bontrager Cambion MTB shoe. Plus, when you stop on a road ride, you can comfortably walk around in MTB shoes compared to those awkward road cycling shoes that may cause you to slip. Just my two cents worth.

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      Like others, I can’t stand road shoes and people look ridiculous walking in them.  My experience with multiple Shimano models is very good.  Last year I purchased a pair of Giro Carbide R II shows that I use on both my MTB & road bikes.  Light weight, durable and easy to walk in.

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