Mt. Ashwabay (WI) adds 3 miles of MTB trails

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      Working with the Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association (CAMBA), Hudson and a band of Chequamegon Bay biking believers have worked since 2009 to bring single-track mountain biking to the Bayfield Peninsula, specifically to Mt. Ashwabay.With three miles complete and 17 still to go, organizers are throwing a pancake breakfast with bona fide maple syrup Saturday at Mt. Ashwabay. An anonymous donor has upped the ante, offering to match up to $6,000 in money raised. Hudson said more than 40 regional businesses have donated food for the pancake breakfast and items for a bucket raffle.

      In addition, Mt. Ashwabay director Pete Kulencamp has invited participants to cross-country ski to the historic Nourse sugarbush — all possible due to the delayed spring.

      Trails don’t come cheap. CAMBA estimates that each mile of trail costs roughly $4,000, so to build 20 miles of trail, roughly $80,000 is needed. Hence the fundraiser.

      The local biking buffs built the first three miles with donated supplies and 500 hours of volunteer labor. They will build another three-to-five miles this summer with a goal of 20 miles of trail in all.

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      My wife and I rode this on labor day weekend. It was great! There was about 400 feet of elevation and plenty of sand. Can’t wait to see what they get done next year.

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