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      Hey there! Are there any single tracks available near Newnan, GA (30 minutes SW of Atlanta)???

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      There’s Windridge Horse Park near Newnan.

      I’ve never ridden there but I hear it’s pretty technical and fast. If you ride there, let me know what you think.

      You’re about an hour or so from one of the best trail systems in Georgia, Dauset Trails. I think if you get to 54 East, it should be pretty much a straight shot, but it’s all backroad, so it might take a while. It’s a long drive, but you can easily rack up 15+ miles on some real fast and fun singletrack.

      There’s some short trails in Griffin at the Kiwanis Fairgrounds. There’s not a lot else. The thing with Georgia is that to get to the really awesome trails, you’re going to have to drive a bit. It’s an hour+ from Newnan to the Georgia International Horse Park (Olympic MTB course), more than 2 hours to Ellijay, almost 2 hours to Blankets, Big Creek, and Chicopee. You have a drive a ways to get to most trails, but nearly all of them are totally worth the time.

      Check out the trail guides here to find all your trails, make a wishlist, and all that good stuff. Have fun and welcome to Georgia.

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      Thanks, loadedcarp! I will be moving in about a month. I am excited to hear that there are trails nearby or at least easily reached for a day trip. What a fun sport. Is there a biking club in that area as well?

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      There’s always SORBA, the Southern Off Road Biking Assoc. There are chapters all over the place. Check out their site to see which one is closest to Newnan (unfortunately, I think the closest is Macon). They do a lot of group rides, sponsor festivals, work parties, etc. Everyone I’ve met through SORBA has been great.

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