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      My daughter has a used specialized hotrocks 20". She fits it well although it’s still a smidge too big. This is her first bike with hand brakes (I’ve disconnected the front so she can focus on one brake) and she has trouble reaching the brake.

      My question: Can i angle the brake/move the lever closer to the handle for easier braking? maybe a new set of levers?

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      My daughter had that same bike, and as I recall, there is an adjustment screw to bring the lever in closer.

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      Thanks. I’ll take a look. I took a brief look when i noticed but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. i’ll let you know what i find. thanks.

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      Yep, there is a adjustment screw/small bolt that threads inward or outward to adjust the brake lever closer to the bars or farther away. It is located under the lever or behind the lever, and rarely on the opposite side.

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      easy to do. Thanks for pinpointing the screw.

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      yes, hotrocks 20" bike has a screw near brakes. you can adjust brakes by tightening or losing the screw.

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