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      My name is Jacob Geil, a high school senior from St. Johnsbury, Vermont. For my AP Research course, I am conducting an impact study regarding a trail network that recently began construction in my area.
      But first, a little about the trail system: the Kingdom South Project aims to develop mountain bike and pedestrian trails in St. Johnsbury and its environs, utilizing primarily private land(s) and connecting to the nearby Lamoille Valley Rail Trail. These trails are built by local volunteers through a community collaborative of local schools, organizations, and Kingdom Trails Association. They will be free to use, however involvement in the construction of new trails is highly encouraged.
      As stated, I intend to analyze the economic and social that this trail system will have on the St. Johnsbury area. To accomplish this, I am conducting a statistics based fiscal study and I have designed a survey that will assist me in measuring the impacts mountain biking has on communities.
      The survey only takes about five to ten minutes to complete, so if possible please help me to expand what we know and understand about this great sport by filling it out!


      Thank you very much!
      Jacob Geil
      [email protected]

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      Just completed the survey. I’m always interested in promoting the sport any way I can. If I didn’t live so far from Vermont, I’d definitely get involved with the trail network. Thanks for helping to build new trails and good luck with your research.

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      Not sure if your assignment requires you to run your own survey, but we have some data that might be helpful in your research. I believe IMBA also has some great data on the economic impact of trails.

      Mountain Bike Tourism: By the Numbers

      Mountain Bikers’ Occupations: What We Do to Pay for Our Habit

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      Thanks Nick and Jeff! For my project I have to combine existing research with info I provide, so any information is helpful.


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