Mountain Biking in the Winter


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      OK. The stores are all shifting the biking gear to the side and replacing it with…ski equipment 😢
      This is my first Colorado winter, and I want to continue mountain biking, but don’t want to ruin trails, kill myself, or otherwise cause havoc to nature, others or myself. What’s the scoop on mountain biking in Colorado during the winter?

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      i dont know how close you are to boulder but somewhere on this board there is a thread on an indoor mountain bike facilty. totally worth looking into.

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      You can still ride year-round without having to ride indoors. Just make sure if there is any moisture on the trails that you go when it is frozen (like in the morning), or that there is enough snow to cover the trail and not damage it.

      I’ve ridden all year long for quite a while with very little problems – one of my favorite early winter rides is Young Gulch up the Poudre Canyon- very fun with some snow on it.

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      Peublo is very ridable most of they year. Last year we rode that at least one day month. There is nothing super special there, but there is definitely something for every one. There are surly pedals, smooth pedals, hike-a-bikes, zippy descents and descents with rather techy sections too. They just lack vertical.

      The south facing stuff on Dakota Ridge actually melts rather quickly. Park between Green Mountain and DR. Head up Zorro then hang a right when you are in the saddle. Turn around when it gets too snowy or icy. It’s a rather short ride, but it will keep you technical skills sharp. Like Beaker said, AM is the best time to ride.

      South side of Green Mountain is normally rideable in the AM also. The mudcicles turn to slop quite quickly at Green Mountain. So, you need to be heading out when the temperature starts to rise.

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