Mountain Biking Goals in 2018

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      What mountain biking goals do you hope to accomplish in the coming year? What ambitions or plans do you have for your riding?

      I’m personally putting the finishing touches on my 2018 goals and what all they entail… stay tuned, I’m sure they’ll make it into an upcoming Over a Beer column 🙂

      That said, I do have one semi-related goal that I’ve clearly identified: to be active outside every day for 365 days straight. I’m calling it the Outside 365 challenge. I wrote a bit more about my plans here, if want to check it out:

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      Since I am not really racing much anymore, I’ve shifted my race goals into riding goals ongoing.

      1. Make someone laugh
      2. Piss someone off.
      3. Don’t finish last or be off the back.


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      My only mountain biking goal this year, other than to ride and have fun, is to learn to get a little air. Now I realize I am getting a bit old for that wild of riding, but back in the day I used to ride and jump dirt motorcycles all the time. Nothing extreme, but got air on a regular basis. Now on a mountain bike, it seems so totally different to me, I just can’t get comfortable with even small jumps.

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        @AlvinMullen: Your new whip should allow you get in over your head rapidly and then actually save you from any poor decisions/iffy skills. Actually, that description is among what I routinely look for in an “off-road” bike.

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      I’m with Alvin on the jumping goal.  Want to get better at it, even though I am going on 56 I want to get more comfortable with jumping.  A. because its fun and B. because I have almost gone OTB on jumps that I didn’t see or expect and haven’t learned the right technique.  Also hope to sell my two XC bikes this spring and purchase a trail bike.

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      Ride more new places. I took over a year off a couple years back and basically only rode bike park in the summer the last two years. I am completely over the riding in Southern California. I keep seeing pictures of this crazy brown dirt but have never experienced it in person.

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      I’d say ride every day that I can, especially those days when I could but don’t really want to out of laziness or whatever. I also want to have at least 5 park days and try out night riding.

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      Great to hear what others are thinking.  I love hearing others’ experiences and aspirations.  I have a good two months before the relentless Mongolian winter abates enough to get back out on the bike, so I have lots of time to work through my goals, plans and ambitions for this year … … oh well.   Today’s high at our place in Ulaanbaatar was -7F, and that was for just a brief moment.  Most of the afternoon was between -10F and -15F.  At least I got a lot of riding in in December while in Colorado.  My last ride in CO before returning to Mongolia was on December 29th and it was over 60F.  Actually, truthfully, I already have a good start on my riding goals and plans for this year. =)  Always dreamin’ and schemin’. =)

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      One of my biggest goals for the year, is to ride some single tracks with grades that allow you to enjoy riding without pedaling the entire time…lol. I watch all these great videos and notice how infrequent the riders have to pedal. Man that has to be awesome ride. Since my wife and I are still new to mtbing, we wont try the advanced stuff yet, but definitely gonna find more down hill type rides. But our biggest goal is to just meet more mtbikers. After all, one of the best things about any sport or hobby, is sharing it with friends that have the same interest. Besides that, just ride, ride, and ride.

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        To be able to get out often and explore some new trails, and to stay safe.

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      Goals this year are pretty simple.  Ride new trails.  Each year I take a fishing trip with my son-in-law to northern Wisconsin.  This year we will include hitting some bike trails in route and venture to the U.P. to hit a trail. Upgraded the bike this year from an old Diamondback to a new Trek Roscoe 27.5+ so I will attempt to tame the John Muhr trails and possibly try the Emma Carlin also.

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      I think it’s great to set goals and to be as specific as you can. I use a Garmin to track all my workouts and I monitor my progress throughout the year.  Here are my goals for 2018:

      • Ride at least 1k (MTB) miles
      • Ride at least 3 new trails ranked in the top 100 by Singletracks members (I’ve only ridden 12 thus far)
      • Race at least one time
      • Ride the 75 miler Epic Ride in MD
      • Cross train 2-3x per week
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      Love all of the diverse ideas! Keep ’em coming… I’m still fine-tuning my mountain bike-specific goals.

      That said, I do have one semi-related goal that I’ve clearly identified: to be active outside every day for 365 days straight. I’m calling it the Outside 365 challenge. I wrote a bit more about my plans here, if want to check it out:

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      Ride more often, especially with my 17 and 13 year old sons.

      Stress less – ride more.

      Get in better shape – ride more.

      Eat better, drink less – ride more.

      Strive to continue to become a better person – ride more.

      Participate in triathlons again – ride more.

      Go to more mountain bike parks, especially with the kids – ride more.


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      Have fun and find some new dirt.

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