Mountain biker seriously injured after crashing into a deer

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      This happened near Solitude resort in Utah on Friday. The 50-year-old man was knocked unconscious and was transported to the hospital via helicopter.

      Definitely a case of the rider (and the deer) being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Also a reminder to always ride in control and keep you eyes on the trail ahead. You never know what is up ahead, even on a familiar trail!

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      It’s a rather easy thing to have happen.  I was heading back to my truck, bombing down a flat trail, came around a right hand turn and was face to face with a White Tail deer.  Hit the brakes full force and stopped dead, fortunately was on soft packed dirt with tons of traction.  We just stood there staring at each other until it walked off into the brush.

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      As fun as it might be to blast a trail, outriding your sight and braking distance is like out driving your headlights (minus seat belts)

      The closest call I’ve had happened I came around a corner and almost took out a kid.   I was able to stop and no harm done. Apparently the little guy just decided to stop and check things out and mom got a ahead of him a little bit. Critters, hikers, horses, it’s a jungle out there

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      Almost hit one last month if it had jumped across the trail a few seconds earlier it would have knocked me right off my bike.

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