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      Ok so i’ve seen the video’s of guys doin mountain bike wheels but for the love of bob I cant do it. I kinda got the idea but for the most part the second my front tire leaves the ground I go hard left or right. any suggestions

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      Try using a really low gear. You don’t want to use your arms too much, mostly your legs. Gentle pull with your arms, put some power to the pedals.

      Keep your right hand on the brakes, if the front time comes up too high just pull the back brake a little and the front will come back down. If you need to get the front end higher, pedal harder!

      You’ll have to find a gear low enough to lift the front wheel, but not so low you spin out immediately.

      It takes practice, and some people get it faster/easier than others. I can’t wheelie or manual very well at all, but have friends who can go for days. Just keep trying!

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      Oh, one more tip chillipepper and I both forgot – practice with platform pedals!

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