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      I’m planning a trip to California the first two weeks of December. Heading to the Sacramento area. I’m wondering if this is an okay time to ride the trails in the area? I’ll likely head over to the Tahoe area and maybe even Sanata Rosa. Do the trails run all year? What are the conditions like? And what are the trails that I definitely need to ride? Also, I ride a hard tail is that going to last on some of these trails? Thanks.

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      Sacramento is flat. Tahoe and Downieville have some snow now. But Auburn State Recreation Area and Cronan’s Ranch would be good choices. A nice 30 mile loop goes from my favorite local shop of highway 80 and back:

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      Try the Lake Clementine/Foresthill Loop, Salmon Falls Trail and the Granite Bay Trails. They are all listed under the California Trail Reviews.

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      Thanks for the insight everyone, appreciated.

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      sorry, wrong thread!

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