Mountain bike trails near Scioto County, Ohio

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      I’m a beginner mountain biker in search of local trails that aren’t too long of a drive. I have built trails in my back yard however I am ready to branch out a bit. Most of the local trails are over 45 minutes away, so I am hoping to get some insight on the local trails that are worth the drive (and the ones that aren’t). Again I am located in Scioto County, Ohio. Thanks!

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      I’ve heard a lot of good things about the trails near Chillicothe. The guys who told me about them are pretty good riders from the Columbus area(I can’t keep up with them). I have not ridden these trails myself. Of the 40+ trails I’ve ridden listed here on Singletracks, my observation is the user reviews give you a pretty good idea of the character of the trail. User reviews usually mention whether the trail is beginner-friendly.  Read the reviews and go check out what sounds most appealing. Make time and go explore, it’s a great time.

      That area is on my agenda for 2018.

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        Thank you! I will definitely look into that and hopefully make a trip up there this summer. Thanks again.

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      I agree with Texmex about Chillicothe.  I hear really good things about that region.  Also this looks like an interesting trail in your region to the east maybe about 45 minutes to an hour from you:

      Then about 40 minutes south of Portsmouth is Greenbo Lake State Park in KY.  It looks to have a couple of nice trails:—michael-tygart-loop.html (michael tygart loop on mtbproject)

      and (Claylick Loop on mtbproject).

      To your southeast along State Route 52 near Ironton, OH is a group of trails.  They are about 30 minutes from Portsmouth.  The main trail is Hanging Rock (12 miles long), and there are five other much shorter trails connected to it:

      I hope some or all of these are a help to you.  Scioto County is a beautiful region though there doesn’t seem to be trails exactly inside the county.  I would also think that the Wayne National Forest just east of you would have a bunch of multi-use trails available to mountain biking.  You could give a call into the main office of the Forest and ask to speak to the Recreation Staff.  I’m sure he or she would be helpful and point you in the right direction and to some good resources for the Forest.  Get out and explore a bit.  Even if you get on some trails that weren’t great, you will still likely have a great time exploring.  Don’t worry about the results/outcome as much as the whole experience of exploring new places.

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      Hey Harrisman just to introduce myself, I too am a native Ohioan.  I grew up in the Middletown-Oxford area.  When I was a boy, I fished all the little smallmouth streams in southern Ohio with my dad — west to east below I-70 down to the Ohio River.  Those experiences built a little sense of adventure in me, and when I was 20 years old, I moved out West to northern Arizona and Colorado.  From there, I took a big leap in adventure and moved to the country of Mongolia where my wife and I have lived for 22 years. Through all my travels and adventure though, I have never forgotten beautiful quaint southern Ohio.  There is always a little whisper in my soul calling me back … … if only the weather was better.  Ha !!!!!!!!!!  If I’m ever back in your region, I’ll try to make contact with you.  Maybe we could do a ride together.  Just so you know, I’m not an intense or competitive rider.  I loved to take in the full experience of any ride — the riding itself, the nature, scenery, and exploration.  Keep us posted on Singletracks on how your riding adventures in southern Ohio go.  If you want to read a little about my adventures the past few years, just do a search on Singletracks “Mongolia mountain bike trails”.

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      you could manage the weather in Ohio, you just need a fatbike! Come on back!

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        Awesome! Sounds like there are plenty of places I’ll need to visit once it warms up some. Thank you for the help!

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