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      I have a strange problem with my bike where when I sit on it the cables are loosened which makes my brake less responsive and shifts my gears down to the lowest/smallest gear on the back gears, and when I sit up the cables tighten again. I bought this bike used and was curios if there was any way to fix this?

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      Cool thank-you! so pretty much I just need longer cables?



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        If you have air fork and shock, take all the air out of them and compress the suspension all the way down. This allows you to see how the cables are being pulled. If they are spring internals, then have a buddy get on the bike and bounce the suspension fully up and down (while supported on a handrail) to watch how the cables get pulled. The same goes for twisting the handlebars all the way to the right and left to also make sure no cables are being pulled.

        Always make the new cables a bit longer than what you need, or have a good reputable bike shop re-cable it all for you.

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      That’s the very basic answer. If you have someone else sit on the bike while you watch, you should be able to see where the cable housing is being pulled tight and causing the cables inside to get tugged on unintentionally. There should always be enough slack between the cable housing and bike frame that it never gets pulled tight against it during max suspension compression and steering.

      I use Jagwire kits, as they are incredibly high quality and inexpensive. They make a shifter and brake kit:

      Although it’s something I would consider easy to handle if you’re even the least bit mechanically inclined, if you’re not comfortable tackling this yourself, any bike shop can hendle it for you.

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