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      Hey guys, so I’ve been riding my new bike (Marin hardtail 29er) for a few months and have noticed that on longer rides my lower back really starts to get tight and ache, like I’m hunched over. When I bought the bike I made sure to try out as many sizes as I could to get the fit right, because my first bike was too small which caused all kinds of problem. I’m 6’2" with a 30" inseam; I went with a "large" 20.5" frame because although the stand-over height is a little tight, the longer top tube better fit my long torso. As far as the ride, I’m very happy with the overall feel of the bike, it’s ok downhill and better on climbs and I can maneuver myself efficiently, however sometimes I feel slightly too far forward. So to fix the "hunched over" issue, I tried raising the bar height by moving all the available shims (~1cm worth) below the stem. It seemed to help a little, but it’s not perfect. I’ve looked a few blog posts and sites for suggestions on how to fix this issue. So what should I try next; a longer stem, higher angle stem, riser bars, adjustable stem, stem riser? Any help is appreciated!

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      try a shorter stem, not longer…longer will put the bars even further away away from you.

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      A shorter stem may help and riser bars might help you sit a little more neutral in the saddle and alleviate some pain. Core strengthening is also going to help greatly with this problem.

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      All sort of things can lead to back pain. The seat could be too high, or too low, for instance. A longer stem could help, if you’re too hunched over now, a longer stem with some rise will stretch you out more which might feel better. Or it could be worse.

      I’d recommend going to your local bike shop and getting them to help you out. They could put you on a trainer and watch you ride, and an experienced fitter will be able to get you sorted out. Might cost some money, but it’s well worth the investment.

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