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      I came across this this morning and I’m gonna have to go pick it up just because it will be incredibly cheap and there’s almost no way it won’t be worth the $10 to mess around with,haha.


      There’s ladder bridges,drops,jumps and some decent looking graphics for the PS2,I believe it is also available for the PC.

      Anyone here own the game?

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      I bought this game for a very short time. Its not a very good game. the concept and idea are great but it is not well put together and the controls aren’t very good either. it will probably keep your attention for a few hours and that’s about it. jmo

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      i played that game at walmart for a couple of minutes. and yeah, don’t think it’s worth much more than 10 bucks.

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      I would go with downhill domination for the ps2 if you can find it, much more fun!

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