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      The story doesn’t really hit me in the funnybone until the culprit states that “her friend’s” bike made it into her race-day lineup and nobody noticed.

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      Um yeah, riiiight…

      This isn’t a criminal case or anything but if they didn’t take the bike directly from the girl at the finish, it’s kinda open to a stupid explanation like this.

      Didn’t she have a mechanical out on the course or something? Who knows how long it was before they asked to see the bike. If she really did knowingly ride a doped bike, she should’ve just packed up the van and gotten out of town before the race was even over!

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      Long story short, it seems like SOMEONE should be charged… either her or her friend. Just figure out who’s bike it is, and slap the applicable person with the ban!

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      It’s not mine!  Really!  I’m just holding onto it for my friend!

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