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      So I need an expert opinion on what is most bang for buck on the website.  Looking at 29er Motobecanes in <$500 price range.

      Should I go Motobecane 529HT ($400), Fantom SPORT ($400), Fantom X4 ($500) or Fantom 29 Expert ($500 — actual price listed on product detail page).  As a disclaimer, I already bought (and rode 150 miles on) a Fantom SPORT but sold it to a relative who didn’t want to go through the hassle of assembling.  It was a good bike, but I had to replace pedals and rear derailleur snapped.  I’m just weighing my options a second time around.  Do any of you think much of the Gravity series?

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      does it have to be motobecane? i mean yes i see they are on sale but is that the only brand they have on sale at this time? personally i would go with the highest you can afford in most cases the components on the bike are better the higher you go. so maybe you wont get snapped derailleurs again.

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      txmale4969, yes I do have a budget cap of $500 unfortunately.  I’m open to any other options in that price range, I just want a bike that will perform the best for the price.  In my time researching bikes/prices, I have been most impressed with the Motobecane series, but if you have alternative suggestions I’ll consider it!

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      giant talon 3 is like 550.00 I believe that’s a good bike and good brand

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      I have the gravity bullseye monster fat bike and haven’t had a problem with it after a year of beating the crap out of it.  Only issue you will encounter with 500 dollar bike is weight, it’s gonna be considerably heavier due to lower spec components and wheels.  Ride it hard and upgrade later!

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      test , for some reason my first post was  not showing up.

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      I’ve also been looking a lot at the bikes direct website. Does anyone have any experience with them? I have heard of bikes arriving in not the best condition. Also the prices seem almost to good to be true.

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      I bought bikes off of, four of them. I equipped my whole family with bikes.  I ride a Dawes, but we have Motobecane and Windsor too. The spec sheets are real. Where they don’t list a brand and model, you’ll get an inexpensive off brand. Wheelsets and tires in particular. It is a decent bike for the money but not as crazy good as they advertise.

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      i have a bike from bikesdirect. a 427HT. Its a quality bike but you will absolutely have to put money into the bike when you get it. The tires were no good for off road, got so many flats before upgrading.

      Shes a great ride and I will highly recommend using their site, but be prepared to upgrade, work that into your budget



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