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      I am thinking about a Motobecane 700DS full suspension. I have an old hardtail and am looking to upgrade to a good all around bike. For $700 it seems like it’s everything I will need. Any advice?

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      Depends on what kind of riding you do…

      The Rock Shox Dart is a LOW end fork that does not handle much.
      I have heard that the DST frame is not good for much.

      My 2 Cents

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      I have a friend that has that bike and its an ok bike and he has not had any problems with it. But he paid $400 for it. I dont like to push bikes on people but for $700 i think you can find a brand new 2009 Giant Yukon like i got a few months ago. They are getting ready to bring in the 2010 models and i have seen some places selling them for $700. You cant beat a lifetime warantee on a frame. 3 years on components etc.

      Also for that price check out this thread

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      It will be difficult to find a FS bike at that price with decent components. But a Giant frame is an excellent choice. I beleive the Yukon FX is their entry level FS bike. $700 is a good deal

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