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      Need quick help on a bike, Motobecane Boris Fat Bike.  Has a Bluto fork on it, manufacturer only sells it rigid.  Is this okay?  X9 components for $750, is this a good deal?

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      Hey Gnarly, I’m new here and trying to find my way around, but I have actually had access to the Motobecane you’re describing so I had to respond. I own a full suspension bike, but have to admit those larger tires on the motos made the need for a suspension non-existent. The ride and stability on mountain trails was awesome. Before I bought my last bike (last year) I seriously considered buying one of these for myself. I just happened to score another bike for half off and couldn’t justify a second bike at the time. We paid a little over $600. each for the Motos and had 2 of them available for the trail crews. Love the hydraulic disk brakes too. No fade coming down off a mountain with more than 60# of gear plus rider.


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      How old is the bike? Sounds like a pretty good deal to me unless the bike is really old or has been ridden really hard.

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      What about the fork going from rigid to a Bluto?  The manufacturer only sells it rigid.

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      Right, some frames simply aren’t designed for a suspension fork. I would contact Motobecane and ask if the geometry is suspension corrected, and what size suspension fork they recommend. The good news is the Bluto isn’t a “big” fork so swapping a rigid fork for the Bluto in 80mm travel mode, no matter the bike, generally isn’t a huge change.

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