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      I have been considering replacing WTB 29ers that came on my Salsa Timberjack and I have been doing some research and reading. A lot of info to sift through thought I might ask a few questions and get some answers from the field here. The situation is that I broke a couple of spokes on my rear wheel in the first year and half I had my bike but in the last year and half nothing. My LBS suggested considering new wheels but I have not had any additional issues and thought about keeping these until I have to replace.

      I am a bigger rider 6’1″ 210lbs. I am sweating the weight of the wheel too much. Carbon is expensive but found some Pub wheels that seem good. I am happy to stick with aluminum wheels. I am leery about carbon since I am bigger and a catastrophic fail. I am looking for a combination of quality and budget friendly. Willing to pay more for quality but I don’t need a top end wheel.

      Any thoughts or pointers or general advice about what to look for would be appreciated. Do you have a brand you like or recommend? Thoughts and experience on carbon. Any benefits to carbon besides weight I should consider?

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      Just stick with what you have.

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      I recently replaced a set of my stock WTB wheels on my Salsa Journeyman, and it was the best change I could have made. The OEM WTB wheels are heavy and flexy. Currently I have a set Industry Nines on, and want to say that it shed around three pounds – not to mention I went tubeless in the process.

      A better set of wheels makes it more responsive and faster rolling due to stiffness, so it can feel like a completely different bike. Hunt is making some great carbon and alloy wheels for a killer price. If you want to spend a little more, Industry Nine wheels are hard to beat also.

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      I just ordered some Industry Nine Hydra Enduro S 29ers for my Timberjack.

      They also come with the 101 hub options, if the Hydra hub option is more than you wanted to spend.

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      I appreciate the feedback. I am going to talk to my LBS about the Industry Nine wheels. I wanted to respond to this and maybe get it back up at the top and get a little more feedback from the field. Still listening and researching.

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