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      So every spring break me and all of my moto-riding friends go to Moab for a week of camping and riding. This year, however, we wanted to try something different. Although we know the best spots for motorcycle camping and riding, none of us know what trails, what campsites, or what MTBs to bring. Our goal for this trip is to find a campsite we can ride straight out of on our bikes directly to the trails, as that’s what we do on our motos. Are there camping areas where this is possible?

      TL;DR: What Moab campsites are best for direct-to-trail MTB riding?

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      First there is sand flats campsite which I believe is very close if not at the trail head of the famed Slick rock Trail. From the slick rock trail if you don’t care about the upper part of the Whole Enchilada take a bite out of the lower section (arguably the best part of the trail). This is connected to the slick trail through a 10 mile ride on Sand Flats road. It’s a bit of a hike but you’ll get your reward without moving campsites. If you want to do the whole Whole Enchilada I would pick Grand Staff campground. There are pros and cons. Although it is a very long drive up to Burro Pass when you finish the trail you finish in Grand Staff’s parking lot. So it’s at the end of the trail. I both think the Whole Enchilada and the Slick rock are staples for a Moab MTB trip. I don’t really no about campsites for the other trails but here is a list for the best trails in Moab. … s-in-moab/

      As for a bike you probably want a bike that’s a good all-rounder meaning good on descents good at climbing handles well, can take a few punches, etc., etc. Are you renting or bringing a bike? If your renting who are you renting from?

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