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      I’m heading to Moab with the family next week. Planning on camping where ever is cheap or free. We want to do lots of mountain biking but also want to hike and do some 4×4. Are there any secure bike storage facilities in town, maybe a self storage we could rent for the week? Anyone have any ideas on what to do with bikes on a rest day if we are going for a hike?

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      Kryptonite Fughettaboutit chain lock is what I use.  Weighs about 15 pounds of lock and chain, pain in the ass to haul around.  No lock is totally secure with crackheads weilding portable grinders but its the best you can do.  Sells for about 100 bucks on Amazon.

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      With the proper lock, I would feel pretty OK leaving them at camp, depending on how populated it is.

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      In many of the camps near Moab there isn’t much to attach your bike to.  The trees are fairly scrawny and you might not get a site with even a picnic table.  I would leave the bikes on the bike rack and then run a long chain through all the bikes and through the frame under your vehicle.  I wouldn’t just lock the bikes to the rack. Obviously, the bigger and heavier the chain and lock the harder it will be for thieves to steal your bike.  If your bikes are inside your vehicle, I would still put a heavy chain and lock on the bikes and if possible lock them to some sort of interior tie-down.  A determined thief with the enough time and the right tools could probably steal any bike no matter how you lock it.   However, if your chain and lock are pretty beefy, most thieves will go looking for easier prey.

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      It pisses me off that we have to ask that kind of question,  my daughter had a bike stolen out of her car.  The guy will never get caught, she did not have the money to replace it.  I still get mad when I think about it.

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      Oh, now I’m worried about going camping because that’s something I wasn’t sure about, and if the chances of getting your things stolen are that high, that’s a problem.

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      Well, it can actually be a problem, but it’s not that hard to find a solution. For instance, if you’re worried about getting your stuff stolen, you can just get a siren from ajax or something like that, and you won’t have to worry about your belongings, so think about it. That’s definitely not a reason to give up camping

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