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      Hey gang,
      I am possibly going to make my first trip over to Moab soon for a weekend to do some family related stuff- trouble is I am flying in and wont be able to take my bike. I am sure there are outlets there where I can rent a bike for the weekend, I would like to arrange this before I go, can anyone point me to a decent shop there that is open this time of year?
      Thanks, Daniel

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      Not terribly helpful, but here goes. Just google “moab utah bicycle rental”. Over the years I think me or my buddies have done business with most of these places and I don’t think we have ever come away saying “I will never do business with them again!” All the serious shops have web-sites so you should be able to easily get prices and find out what bikes they offer.

      If you get time, make a side-trip to Fruita. You won’t be sorry.

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      Right on, I did just that and I found a few different outlets there with quite a variance in prices and equipment – so here is another ë?í Im sure this is a personal preference and just for the sake of discussion- given the choice would you rent a Kona Dawg Deluxe @ $75 for the weekend or a Santa Cruz Blur LT @ $110 for the weekend – ?

      Anyone have a strong favorite?
      Both of these models are a big step up from my own full suspension K2 w/concrete filled frame and temperamental shifting system so either way Im going to be jazzed.

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      Both of those bikes are pretty good rides…. Although I’d probably get the Blur LT. Just hope that you can get the suspension setup right for your weight…. VPP bikes are very sensitive to proper suspension sag/air-pressures.
      With the Kona you should be able to just hop on and ride with little worries.

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