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      Hello everyone,
      I am new to mountain biking this year, got 6 months under my belt. I have to go through Moab in December and weather permitting want to ride for a couple of days. I was wondering if anyone had any do’s and dont’s for the area as far as trails and such. LOVE the sport !!!! I think we are truly blessed to have this much fun and stay in shape at the same time, Thanks again for any info!!

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      Welcome Preacherman,
      I am also new to the sport,even after riding a bike for years as a kid delivering newpapers mountain biking is alot more fun than should be allowed by law.Although I live just a couple hours away from Moab I have yet to ride there.Maybe sometime this winter.Keep us posted on how your ride goes.Always open to new trails.

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      Check with the local shops, specifically Chili Pepper. Barring snow or rain on the actual day you are there, Slickrock trail should be ridable that time of year.

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      Be sure to check about trail conditions if trying Porcupine Rim, 1000′ elevation gain to peak of ride, a Moab classic. You may not like Slickrock Trail as a beginner, tough!
      Consider St George for winter trips. Warmest part of Utah. There are a bunch of trails all around town, Zen may be the toughest and the only one I’ve done. Gooseberry Mesa about 40 minutes away and 3000′ higher. Caution, very conservative town but lodging is cheap.
      I’m in Tucson, winter riding is great here, many trails. MTB fest around Christmas and New Years, search as December arrives.

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