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      Hey all! I’ve ridden in several states, in some incredibly beautiful areas but in early October I’m making my first trip to Moab. From what I see on the maps I’m going to need about 18 months of daily riding to even think about riding it all. Just kidding, we are staying 6 days.

      This is where I’m looking for some input. I’m a solid and confident rider with some Enduro and cross country racing under my belt, however I’m not a super strong climber due to long term knee and back issues. Yeah, my 20s were a lot less painful than my 40s, but we will save that for another post. I would love some input on trails to ride that aren’t going to be huge endless climbs or super steep.  As mentioned above, I’m a good rider, I just don’t want to waste my time, and everyone else’s who is on the trip with me, over some overly steep rides. I know there has to be some really great stuff out there and I’m excited to ride it!

      Thanks in advance!


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      Do the Whole Enchilada with these guys. It’s an all day deal and I’d recommend a pretty burly trail/AM/Enduro rig for it. There are some climbs (tough ones in fact), but it’s mostly hair-raising descending down super rough terrain. We’re going back next year to do it again.

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      You say early October…Outerbike is Oct 6th-8th.  They have shuttles to 3 popular trails over the course of the weekend and you can hit two others from the venue.  You’d just need to hit up the Enchilada or parts of it some other day and as a first timer you’ll probably want to knock back a loop of Slickrock.

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      Navajo Rocks is a fun area to ride in and offers pretty good bang for your buck. The Mag 7 area is good too. Not as gnarly as Porcupine/Whole Enchilada but more accessible and easier logistically. I’ve also heard that Dead Horse Point is fun, fast, flowy, more XC style. Great views no matter where you go though.

      The climbing in Moab is usually in short, steep spurts. The slickrock offers incredible traction which lets the builders route the trail up some crazy steep pitches. Do yourself a favor and skip the actual Slickrock trail though, it’s meh. And if climbing is tough for you, you’ll hate it.

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      Agree with Aaron, skip Slickrock.  Although, if you feel like “When in Rome”, then do the practice loop, it’ll give you a good taste.

      And I agree with most of this:

      The Must-Do 3 Days of Mountain Biking in Moab, UT

      Although I haven’t been a fan of The Sovereign area lately, too chewed up by the motos.

      For more mellow stuff but very fun add:

      Have a good time.


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      Thanks for all the input!

      None of us knew about outerbike going on during our trip. That will be really cool.

      With these suggestions I’m sure I’ll have a great time. Thanks again!

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      I disagree with a few of the others. Slickrock is iconic and essentially what put Moab on the map a generation ago. I think it’s a must do as there is nothing like it anywhere else. The “new” iconic ride out there is Captain Ahab I guess but it definitely has plenty of climbing so that may bother your back some. Dead Horse State Park is a fun, easy way to kill a couple hours and the trail is Xc in nature, fly and most all, super FUN. Some of the best views as well with Canyonlands National Park right next door.

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      Slickrock definitely put Moab on the map, no denying that. But there are far better trails now.

      Iconic? Yes.

      Fun? Eh.

      Novel? Sure.

      If you want to ride just to say you did, that’s understandable.

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