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      First time posting. Intermediate mountain biker prefering singletrack, especially scenic singletrack. Heading to Moab for the first time at the end of April.  Although I can certainly research online, I do recognize there is no substitute for local or first-hand knowledge. Any local knowledge or firsthand experience with some great singletrack areas to go for a first-time user? Not interested in any downhill or jumping. Looking for some good solid intermediate singletrack trails until I get a better feel for the area. Very much appreciate any input from people taking the time to respond. Thank you.

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      Sounds like you’re looking for some casual rides, so this article could be the perfect resource:

      The 6 Best Moab Trails for Beginners and Casual Riders

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        Greg, great article. Thank you for the help and direction.

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      Went there for my first time this fall.

      Any of these would classify as beginner-intermediate singletrack and they’re all trails I rode:

      Moab is an excellent choice…my new favorite place to ride!!!

      Slickrock- Iconic trail.  Not technical, just steep grades but nothing scary steep or that’s steep for a long time.  Great scenery.  (Only rode Slickrock as it was raining and locals said the trail is even better in the rain, they’re not wrong.) My Video

      Navajo Rocks- A good non-shuttle trail system.  Grades are never too bad.  Really great scenery and fun singletrack.  My video

      Mag 7- Amazing scenery.  Shuttle ride preferred.  Rode it down to the end of little canyon and then had to ride out Gold Bar Road towards the Bar M Trails.  It gets gnarly a little ways past here (I’ve heard.)  My Video  Best ride for me for sure!  There are cliffs and they look scary on my GoPro a bit but nothing even made me think and I’m scared of heights.

      Bar M Trails- You don’t get the amazing ride on top of cliff feeling here but your view on one side in a solid cliff and the other side is Arches National Park.  Great trails, some get pretty rocky compared to the other 3.  Quick clip at 3:22.


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        Mark, thank you for that additional info. Exactly what I was looking for,

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      I’ll give a big thumbs up for Intrepid at Dead Horse State Park. The write-up in the article Greg linked is spot on. My wife and I rode it, guided, on vacation in 2015. This was our first mountain biking. We both bought bikes within two months. The trail was fun and the views were great. You won’t be disappointed.

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      Thank you Eric. Just added to the list.

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      Agreed!  Dead Horse is on my next trip for sure…just for the scenery and fast rippin’.

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      I’d add Hymasa to the list.  This is the easiest trail in the Amasa area but is quite entertaining and views are great.  Solid intermediate.  Also, if you are feeling spicy, give the upper half of Captain Ahab a try.  If it’s too much, simply return to Hymasa.  Only the lower 1/2 of Ahab is downhill only.  Hymasa is multidirectional.


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      Klondike Bluffs is a great area for what you say you’re looking for. I can’t speak for the whole system, but I really enjoyed the Alaska descent. Everyone here has given you some great advice, but to put a little spin on an answer, Jackson and Rockstacker are quite technical so, for now, I’d avoid those.

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        Great info from everyone. I have printed all the comments.  Thank you.

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