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      Hello I would like to try to get the Milwaukee River Trail to become a MTB legal trail. Only problem I’m 13 and I’m one person. So (keep in mind this is just an idea, Probably a dream) I would like to try to find a way for Milwaukee riders to ban together to legalize it. I have tried to email Milwaukee County Parks about it but after three months it doesn’t look like they are going to reply anytime soon. But maybe a group of people could catch there attention. I realize that It’s probably more costing and complicated than putting a sign on the trail that says it’s MTB legal but there are a few reasons it should become a trail.

      1. It’s being actively built on. When I went on it one time some trail was being built. Next time I was there a trail was there that was terrible for hiking but a blast to bike.

      2. There’s existing bike sections. On the trail there are a lot of jumps. Heck one side trail is a downhill run with 7 foot tall jumps. Way to big to be a hiking drop. to add there are a lot more bike oriented sections, like the bowl.

      3. Convenient location. This ride is a 10 min. bike ride from my house and easily accessible through the Oak leaf trail from anywhere in Milwaukee

      4. One of the only trails in Milwaukee. OK so it may be hard to get to from the south side of Milwaukee But really it’s the only trail In the city of Milwaukee. Even if there is another trail I don’t know about It’s probably not as good as this one. Taking it away would mean week end warriors would have to drive to Minnoka Park. Kids just Wouldn’t get to bike.

      5. It’s already ridden! Honestly when I ride It there are plenty of people on the Trail. Every time I see at least 2 people on the trail.

      So call me crazy but I think Milwaukeers and other bikers In Milwaukee County should try to ban together to legalize the Milwaukee River Trail so we can ride it again as a perfectly legal trail. Contact me by sending a message through Singletracks, Then we will go from there.


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      Today I saw the people who build the trail. No not hiking digging. To add to that the photo link shows a certain spot in the the trail that some work was done on. Before there was a giant rock here making it almost impossible for the average Joe to get down now not only did they remove the rock but they also built a whole new route. The rest of the album of pictures is about of different parts in the ride. … 9781923312


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