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      Discuss mountain bike trails and locations in Michigan and get the latest updates on trail conditions here. Send a PM to trek7k if you would like to be considered for the Michigan forum moderator position (don’t forget to include the name of the state you would like to moderate).

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      Burchfield is up and running. It’s still a little bit muddy on the trail sides close to the river and a few low spots here and there from the April/May rain. Overall it’s doing very well. A few downed branches on a couple trails that will get cleaned up here shortly. Ride on!

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      Fumee Lake trails in upper michigan are ready for riding. Remember bug spray if you affraid of a few mosquito bites, and brush off the wood ticks at the end of your ride

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      Pretty much everything in Southern Mich is a go, there is a few that still need some clean up after some bad storms. Check the MMBA board for up to date info on all of Michigan’s trails.

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      Northern Lower Peninsula trails are looking good….a little sandy, but it IS Northern Michigan in August ;-)

      The 2 trails in Greenville are awesome! The guys of the GMBA are rockin’ it down there!!!

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      Has anybody been to the Fort yet this year? how is it looking?

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      I have ridden Aspen Park, Gaylord; Hanson Hills, Grayling; Louis M Groen, Jo-burg; Shingle Mill Pathway, Vanderbilt and all of them are in good shape. Expect some sand. We have lots of it.

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