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      I live in southeast Michigan or Monroe MI and i was wondering what trails in that area have the most small jumps or drop-offs throughout the trails. The only Michigan trail i know that forsure has them is at Boyne Mountain. I’m hoping there’s something a little closer than 5 hours away… Thanks 😬

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      I live in the far southeast of michigan and the only perfect place i found to go mountain biking is at Boyne Mountain, which is about 5 hours north. What other trails in Michigan are like Boyne Mountain? This video explains exactly what I’m looking for, the trails have to have little jumps and bridges like this one…


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      Burchfield up in Lansing has a lot of man made bridges and jumps as shown in the video. The trail itself is ok but there are quite a number of man made features to make up for it. You can easily circle back around and go through the features again and again if you’d like to.

      Anderson Park is about 15 minutes away and also has a number of man made features on the red trail.

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