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      Good to know. I am about ready to build an ark…


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      If you are tired of all the trails being closed, commit a day and go to Jakes Rocks near Warren, PA. I went this past weekend. The conditions are perfect. Trails seem to handle rain. Water is pouring off the “mountain” but the trails are great.

      Trails are all bi-directional, except Black Snake, which is DH only. Lots of parking lots if you want to shuttle.

      My recommended route is start at the upper lot and warm up on the all green – Tuttletown to Coal Knob – 4-5 miles. Ends back at parking lot. Then take Seneca down and start enjoying the terrain. You can go all the way down to lower parking lots on Deerfoot, Devil’s Drop or Blake Snake or you can continue around the top 300 feet. I do not recommend climbing Seneca because you are going to run into a lot of traffic coming down.

      There are two black rated trails. Black Snake is a jump trail and Ursus is more technical and the climb back on Dew Drop is not bad. Photo op is on Three Sisters.

      I felt good after my first lap, which stuck to the top 300 ft. My second lap I went Seneca down to Black Snake and climbed Devil’s Drop back (essentially down the full 600 ft). That burnt me out. I was pretty slow after that. Fortunately, I remembered that I left my 22t on the crank and dropped into 22t/40t by hand to get out of Devil’s Drop or there would have been a lot of walking.

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