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      Merry Christmas to Jeff, Leah, Greg, Aaron and everyone on Singletracks.  I guess I should say Merry Christmas, Happy Hanakkah, and Happy Holidays to all.  As Americans, we have so much to bring us together, rather than divide us, including the freedom and privilege to mountain bike.  I hope each one of you are in the presence of loving family or friends this week.  All the best this holiday season, and I hope you can get on the trails once or twice.  I got in a really fun, warm, winter ride yesterday morning on Christmas Eve in Palmer Park of Colorado Springs.

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      Thanks mongwolf! And Merry Christmas to you as well! It was 70+ degrees here in Georgia today. Didn’t have the time for a ride but got out for a walk with the family. In shorts and t-shirt and still sweating!

      Thank you for all your insights and comments throughout the year. I always enjoy hearing what you have to say.

      Happy New Year!

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      Merry Christmas mongwolf–can’t wait to see what 2017 holds!

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      Merry Christmas to you as well Mongwolf! And here’s to an even better 2017!

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      Hey Mongwolf,

      Apologies for hijacking an old thread to contact you but I am not too familiar with how to send a private message to others on singletracks.  I am planning a bike trekking trip to Mongolia this coming summer and am in research mode.  You seem like someone I should speak with.  If you have time/interest in sharing and answering some questions, let me know.

      Thanks in advance


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