Mechanical Disc Brakes Locked Up

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      Hey yall, Im new around here, so im not quite sure this is the right place to post, but yesterday my brakes feel a bit loose, so i tightened it up a bit, it worked all fine. But when i tried to slam on the brakes, it got locked up and i cant release the brake unless if i manually use my hands and push the brake rotors back. :/ any help?

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      Hi there!

      Are we dealing with cable operated disc brakes? Also, what do you mean by “push the brake rotors back”?  Does that mean you roll the wheel backwards?

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        Hello, Thks for replying, and yeah, its string pulled. And what i mean by pushing the brake rotors back, i mean like when you pull on the brakes, you see this brake rotor moving, right? when you pull on the brakes, the rotor also moves back. I have to push the brake rotor forward.

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      The rotor is the round disc bolted to the wheel. I’m not trying to insinuate that you don’t know your brake parts, but when I squeeze my brake lever, my rotor stops moving, not begins to move.  Do you perhaps mean that you see the brake pads in the caliper moving?

      If you could share a couple pics of the culprit as well, that would be helpful.

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        im sorry, im a noob XD. What part does move when u squeeze the levers?

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        oh, i mean its the caliper that gets jammed in braking position

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      That makes a bit more sense 🙂

      Not being able to see your setup, I would venture to guess that your pads are worn to the point that the caliper is over extending and is unable to retract back into the open position. You can usually get an idea of how much meat is left on the pads by sighting down the rotor where it enters the caliper.  If it’s looking slim, then you’ll want to replace the pads.  It’s super easy to remove the caliper and perform a pad replacement.  If you can give me the brand/model of the caliper, I’ll do my best to explain the process clearly.

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        the thing is that i bought this bike less than half a year ago… i dont break very heavy, smooth braking. This is my first disc brake bike and it seems like the brake pads wear out very quickly is that true? i have XCALIBER 4

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      That has Shimano brakes, right?  They are most likely resin pads, which wear out rather quickly.  Schwim is most likely right on needing new pads.  Here is a replacement set from Amazon

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      it is possible they also may have wore out early because cable may have been sticking, making the pads wear some even when you are not pulling the lever.

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