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      Dragged my wife to 4 bike stores in the last two day looking for wheels for my build. The exotic non-boost 27.5. First one no one came out of the backroom to talk to us but all wheels had skewers. Next three “no but we can order that for you”. Good thing I wasn’t planning to ride today.

      I can order wheels too. And even though a little burned out from waiting for Christmas packages and fraud on two occasions, it seems that online shopping is the only option. Boo.

      Wanted to do a mullet set, which is not an option online but I guess I’ll resign to matching.

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      Eddy’s Bike Shop has Stan’s Flow non-boost, do they not?

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      Speaking here as a shop mechanic. It’s REALLY hard to carry stock of a lot of wheels, partly because they’re an expensive item to hold in stock that actually don’t move that fast, partly because standards are forever changing, and partly because they’re a pain to store.

      Modern mtb wheels are good enough that people rarely destroy them these days. We carry stock of boost 27.5 and 29 options and various commuter/road wheels, but a non boost mtb wheel is something we’re rarely asked for these days. We probably have one or two anyway I’m sure as we’re a big shop, but I could understand why a lot of smaller shops just won’t have them… Previous shops I’ve worked at had expensive wheelsets sit around for literally years. It’s not great for business.

      We’re mostly all doing our best, despite how it might appear… Nice thing about a LBS ordering things in is that we have the expertise and resources to build much better wheels than you could typically buy off the shelf. Want a mullet build with DT Swiss rims laced to Hope hubs with Sapim spokes? No problem, just give us a few days. We also offer a free re-tension after the first few rides to make sure they’re bedding in nicely. Something most online retailers don’t offer.

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      If you were looking for a wheels with a thru-axle boosted hubs and ~i30mm rims, you could probably find them at your LBS.  That’s kinda the universal wheel.  But, anything different and you’re going to have to order it.

      I live in a town with six bike shops and very seldom do any of them have the part I want in stock.   There are just to many products for any one bike shop to carry them all.   There are thousands of different bike tires alone and that’s just one type of part.  Bike shops mostly just carry the most common and most popular parts.

      To get the unique wheels you seek, go to the custom wheel build at

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      Not be the guy that you were asking for it, but you were asking for it. Non boost is still around in hubs some places but even then might need adapters ordered for a thru axle and then they’ll probably have a rim or two in different sizes and according to disciplines nothing fancy but mot junk either. Even then if you at the shop the moment the doors open and they build and lace and tension the wheel that day youd still be getting out in the afternoon and chasing daylight. With something unique and specific delayed gratifications the way to go. Hope your next modifications and personalisong goes better. Be realistic and when youre finally ready to spend the money theres not any rush just like there was no rush to spend the money.

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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>LBS will not be getting my business unless I want custom wheels. They have nothing I need in stock and I can find deals. What else do I have to do on the train to and from work?</p>
      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Can you imagine going to Autozone and asking for parts and they say, “no we don’t have calipers for your two year old Camry.” Blame the industry for too many standards but I can’t be the only person who feels this way.</p>

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        Toyota built the Camry in the hundreds of thousands, even millions, so spares should be commonplace.

        The reason things like non-boost wheelsets aren’t commonly in stock is because they aren’t commonly asked for. It’s supply and demand, and there’s very little demand.

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      vapidoscar, I hear what you are saying. I find it annoying that on even some low end items there are few options and mostly just cheap stuff. I am talking about grips, pedals saddles, and tires. The couple of times I have bought something in stock I have been disappointed. Usually end up ordering and waiting a few days. This is especially annoying if you even want to ride within the week. I have missed out on some rides in the past waiting on a part that was needed. The one advantage to having the bike shop get it for me is I save on shipping. Plus when I order I can bounce the idea off the shop and see if they have another suggestion to consider and when it comes in I can ask any technical questions about the install I don’t understand or know. I have learned to plan out upgrades in advance. Ride what I got until upgrade comes in. Equipment fails and breaks suck and I just have to deal with that when it happens although save a lot of old parts to use in a pinch. My own little shop stock in my garage.

      While I hear your frustration I also hear the side coming from Sam James. There are so many different combinations to keep in stock. Stock is money that a shop could just be out if never moves. You mention Auto Zone but you aren’t comparing apples to apples. Probably all of your friends own a car but not all of them own a bike. There are so many more cars and business. Cars are pretty much a necessity and our bikes are a hobby. If we lived in a country where everyone rode a bike to commute then I am sure that there would be plenty of shops with parts for the standard bike. We don’t ride standard bikes.

      Accept the LBS limitations and adjust to operate within those parameters.

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      I guess I am the only one that feels this way.

      You are mistaking me not liking the situation for not understanding the situation.


      Counter point:

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      I would be interested in a survey of bike stores as to what they view as good inventory.  I have walked in needing stuff that day because I broke something and sadly walked away.  I would think in a MTB destination town high inventory levels could be possible because more people are riding, they are on vacation, they need it now.  I think most shops could not support inventories like that.

      It is a fascinating problem. What do you carry?  SRAM rear deraileurs? In 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 speed (including the electronic version)?  Shimano derailleurs too (which are not compatible with SRAM levers)?  Front derailleurs (there are like a million configurations)? Hubs, if yes what sizes? Chains – Easy yes.  Tires? Yes but what sizes? It is a fascinating question considering how many different types of bikes are out there.

      It is a hard time in the world to be running shops.


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        I work in a shop on the North Shore, probably what you would consider a destination shop. We mostly deal with customers that come back to us on the regular, but we do have a good stock of parts for probably 95% of people that come through the door and try to fit immediate repairs in where possible (we get CRAZY busy in the summer). It is hard to carry the right inventory all of the time – maybe someone overlooks something obvious, forgets to re-order stock when we run out, we’re only human. But we do carry derailleur hangers for all the brands we stock, brakes and levers, derailleurs, wheels, all that sort of stuff. We also have suppliers nearby that can ship same/next day if need be. If a customer can’t be satisfied by the next day (with appropriate charges for shipping) then that customer probably either has something very out of the ordinary, or is the sort of person that isn’t ever satisfied!

        I can see how a lot of smaller shops might not carry non-boost wheels etc. where a $400 item sitting around is significant. Fortunately we’re not one of them and can afford to carry such inventory.

        For example I think we try to carry derailleurs 7sp and up in sram and shimano (less of the 7,8,9sp, LOTS of 11sp and 12sp), and all shifters to match the derailleurs (except for road STI shifters). We don’t carry many hubs but have lots of common freehubs and bearings. We have most common tire sizes with just a few options for 26″ (you’d be surprised how often we DON’T get asked for 26″ tires). We have a ton of wheels for commuters and mtb alike. Pretty much every Sram and Shimano brake pad available. A ton of complete brake systems. Dropper posts. Most common spoke sizes. In short, we should be able to get most people going again.

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      With as unique as some components are, parts are very difficult to source on a need it yesterday basis. One thing that one needs to do on wear and tear is order up the parts needed when it shows the need is just around the corner. Unexpected failures give little to no warning and we’re sidelining a bike cause JIT is not in the cards. We unknowingly (knowingly but consequence happens) chose this when we adopted the bitchen bike.

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      It’s not reasonable for a LBS to keep a bunch of wheels in stock.  Wheels are highly customizable and people get pretty picky about what they want.   Plus, the quality of the build is really important and I personally won’t trust a run of the mill shop mechanic to build a wheel for me.   I want a specialist who builds multiple wheels per week.    Basically, I don’t think it’s in the best interest of either the LBS to sell or the customer to buy wheels unless they are super generic that can work on a variety of bikes for non-discriminating customers.

      I know that if I ever taco a wheel, the LBS won’t be able to help me unfortunately, but I do keep a cheap spare wheelset in the garage so that I can at least still ride when I order my custom wheel online.

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