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      I am currently riding on Maxxis Ikon 29×2.35 front and rear on my full suspension cross country bike. I love the Ikons but I really need something on the front with more bite. I am having trouble on deciding between the Maxxis Forekaster 2.35 or the Ardents 2.4.  If at all possible I avoid riding when it is wet and most of the trails where I ride are loose over hard with lots of roots and the occasional rock garden. Can anyone point me to the best front tire of the two to pair with my rear Ikon?

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      Ardent 2.4 in front. You’ll be very pleased with the ride quality.

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        Thanks Ziphead, I just discovered that there is a Maxxis Ardent Race 2.35 tire. I am going to give it a try. I love the Ikons on the back but I am getting really tired of them washing out on the front.

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      FWIW, I’m a big fan of the DHF up front.  Hooks up nicely in most terrain.

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        Thanks. I’m sure the DHF is a great tire, but it would be overkill for my riding tread-wise and weight-wise.

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      If your your rims are inner width i25mm or wider (which is how most XC bikes come these days), you might consider a 2.6in  tire like the Maxxis Rekon.

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      I have the 2.4 Ardent on the front of my Yeti SB5 and Intense Primer. It’s a great tire that works in many types of trail conditions. Most people absolutely do NOT like the Ardent Race as a *front* tire. I have a buddy that runs the Forkaster front & rear on his Primer raves about them. The Rekon mentioned above is another very popular tire, it seems 70% of people love them and the other 30% hate them. We have one guy ion our group that tried them on his Ripley and ditched them after 2-3 rides.

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      Currently running a Forekaster up front on a bike and it’s been great.

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        Thanks Matt. Just installed an Ardent Race 2.35 on the front. If that doesn’t work out the plan is to move it to the rear and put a Forekaster on the front.

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      I am cuurently running Forekaster up front and Ardent Race rear on a HT Stumpjumper.  Both 2.35 on 27mm IW rims.  I never think about the Forekaster which means it works.  No complaints, wet, dry, good all around front trail use tire.

      FWIW I mounted the Ardent Race reversed in the rear.  Little more bite on slickish conditions or loose climbs.  Still feels like it rolls pretty good even mounted reversed.

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      My son loves Ardents & I ride Forecasters. I ride 2.6 front & 2.35 rear while he rides 2.2s. Whichever you like, Ikons are way slower. I also never wore out a back tyre after 4 sets of ikons, as they always died when I slashed them. I got a Forecaster to last 18 months & was amazed to wear it out. I’m mainly cross while my son is mainly enduro. With 2.6 on the front I run 16 pounds tubeless & 24 rear. With 90 kilos on the seat. That’s why you go 2.6 if you have the room.

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      I don’t know about the forkaster but I can say I don’t consider the ardent to be exceptionally grippy or confidence inspiring. Would run as a rear though.

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      A forum is a difficult place to get helpful information on tires.  We should all have to include where we ride, what type of bike/rims we have and what air pressure we run.

      I think you are on the right track. Ride the fastest tires you feel confident on.  When you start reaching those tires’ limits adjust your air pressure a little.  If that doesn’t work try the next tire in your favorite manufacturer’s line.  In your case, that would be the Ardent Race.

      For example, when I started riding in Colorado I was happy with a Ground Control front and a Fast Trak rear but I was also slooow.  As my skills improved and my bikes got better, my speed also increased and I gradually progressed to a Butcher front and a Purgatory rear.


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