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    looks/sounds like your going fast to me, the way you described it i thought it was going to look way slower, anyways nice vid 😃

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    At night even, ROCK ON!

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    looks like fun!

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    hey man i am going to do this. I have been hitting stairs all week and it seems pretty easy and fun. I just sit back and ride it out. Did you need all the pads or is that just being safe and teaching your son to be responsible? I may not have any pads when I am nearby to try it.

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    Awesome man. Yeah we are going to try but I think the playoffs tonight may make it tough this afternoon.

    You know of any other good jumps DT? Id love to find some stuff to practice on at lunchtime. So that Seaside Bankfront area is not going to

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    Found a nice little 2.5 foot jump off of Rosalind. it lands in grass and is not on property, so we just hit it a bunch of times and practice landing different ways. I work on drops to flat and also back tire first..just basic techniques.

    There is a park further down washington in a neighborhood where you can drop down on stairs and do some climbs out.

    We hit the smaller stairs at Amway in the parking lot..kinda easy and boring, but they had gates at the bottom of the ones you went down so there was no way we could have done it.

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    Sick stair ride man. If you ever get up to the St. louis area you gotta try the one in front of the Arch. About the same height but starts off way steeper and slowly each step gets longer so by the time you get to the bottom you can fit your whole bike on one step. The FBC(F**king Bike Club) Here in St. louis does urban rides every full moon, the group you talked about reminded me of them

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