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      It’s no surprise MTB tourism faces an uphill battle in Marin County, which has been notoriously hostile toward mountain biking, pretty much since the beginning. And of course, not everyone is against bikes on trails in Marin. This article does a nice job laying out the current battle between the two sides:

      Again, it’s not surprising this is happening in Marin of all places, but I think it’s interesting to consider some of the issues that can arise when MTB destinations become more popular…

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      Sounds like a lot of bitching by really well-off people with entitlement issues.

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      It’s Marin.  Literally the posterboy for hostility towards anything with pedals.  I’d take my tax dollars to another county if I biked and let them have it.

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      Well, I guess I am a little surprised that Marin county doesn’t like mountain bikers.  After all, it is regarded by many as the birthplace of MTBing.  Last year I made another new bike purchase, and while my criteria focused on the bike itself, I was pleased to know I could purchase that bike from an LBS in Faifax (I’m in Texas, by the way).  In fact, that LBS is located right next to the Marin County MTB museum.  That fact was the last little bit of the decision that pushed the purchase.  I know, not a big deal.  But I thought, in my little way, I was contributing to the community that played a big part in starting what all of us here, and across the world, love to do.  But, I guess I should have looked elsewhere.  Well, won’t happen again…

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      As if Marin County was some kind of MTB destination. So many other good venues in proxy; it’s not even close to being on my radar. Birthplace of MTB? Zzzzz, who cares – it grew up and moved out.

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      If you’re a big enough moron to go to Marin to bike, on purpose, then you deserve the treatment you’ll receive.

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      Too many fruits and nuts out there in Northern California.

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