Map not working when trying to locate photos

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      When trying to locate where a photo was taken, the map tiles are WAY too small, and don’t seem to update as the map is moved in the window. It’s pretty much impossible to find the location on a map where I’m trying to place a photo.

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      Hmm… not sure about the map tiles not updating (it’s working for me) but I agree, the map is a little small. We’ll see about making it larger.

      Honestly the easiest way to submit photo locations is to take photos with a smartphone and let the phone embed the geo-location into the image itself. With geo-tagged photos, just upload and let our server figure out the location! [I’m testing the Garmin VIRB helmet camera which does the same thing and it’s pretty sweet!]

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      Was it working for you a month ago when I made that post, and have any changes been made since then?

      Yeah, geotagged photos are nice. I tend to carry my phone in my hydro pack though and sometimes use another camera that doesn’t geotag. Plus I have lots of older pics that aren’t geotagged.

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