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      If there is anybody out there that could help me with my skills.  I would wonder if anybody could help me Manual or wheelie.  I am trying to put my weight back to the back wheel of my bike and it only gets a few inches off the ground.

      Please Help

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      There are probably hundreds of videos on youtube that can help you with your manuals and wheelies better than I can try to explain. I personally like videos because it brings the visual aspect into learning and I’m more of a visual learner. GMBN has some good manual videos.

      I’m no expert at the manual but If you want my 2 cents I like the down and back explanation. Lower your chest down and then move back over the back tire in a L pattern. Do it quickly and smoothly, you also have to get pretty far back to keep the tire up. Your rear brake is your best friend in wheelie and manuals. Practice a lot and don’t be afraid to crash. We all do it (crash), and the more you do it the better you get at it.

      On a side note I think it would be useful to teach people to properly crash. Its a worthwhile skill in many sports to hit the ground and not hurt yourself. Watch some skateboarding videos where they ollie 10, 20+ stairs and crash and roll out of it at the bottom, just to get up and do it again, amazing.

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      I saw a video on Seth’s Bike Hacks that has potential.  He has a series on riding trials bikes, and of course for trials the first thing you need to be able to do is track stand.  Once you are good at track stands, he shows how to lift the front wheel from a track stand. I am going to try that as my next step toward learning to manual.  Also don’t think about leaning or sitting back, think about pushing the pedals forward. If I do that I can flip over backwards. Haven’t got any closer to manualing, but I can get the front wheel up.

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      A goal of mine, too. When I was a kid, I could ride a manual (when did they stop being wheelies?) for a hundred feet. Not so much any more. How did I forget?

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      Wheelies and Manuals are not the same thing – similar but different!  Plenty of videos of both on YouTube.

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      I’ve been trying to manual on and off for quite some time. I can’t get the front tire to stay up for more than a second. I can wheelie for a few seconds but I’m not great at it. I believe geometry and the weight of your bike have a lot to do with manualing. The youtube videos are deceiving because some people make it look like they can lift the front end up at will. With the average bikes being around 28-30lbs it’s not that easy. I’ve tried doing manuals on flat ground going up and downhill and everything in between. I just don’t care enough about it to make it a priority. If you find the secret to them let me know.

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