Manie Huts & Trails????

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      Was wondering if anyone has tried the Maine huts & Trails up in Maine…. Looks alright but  I would be disappointed if its just logging roads and no single track and no challenge…

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      Short answer is:  You won’t be disappointed….As I recently posted in another thread, the town of Carrabassett Valley in collaboration with Carrabassett Region NEMBA, Sugarloaf Mountain, and ME Huts & Trails are all collaborating and partnering to build an extensive network of trails in the region….They have literally invested 100’s of thousands of dollars into the trail system in the last few years (and its not stopping).    To be honest it is hard to separate “true” ME hut trails from the CRNEMBA trails….they are all intertwined & connected.  If you are serious about riding up there, you really need to start with resources/trail maps on CRNEMBA site This is a better representation of the good stuff.

      Technically speaking, I believe the Hut Trail is the main trail which connects the individual huts from Stratton Brook, to Poplar, to Flagstaff, and finally Grand Falls Hut….These trails are double wide trails with usually a main ST trail on it (so a lot of the “double track” is really ST).   Going south to North from Stratton Brook to Grand Falls, you’ll find things start to get pretty remote & less traveled after you reach Flagstaff lake…I’d recommend not really venturing North on the Hut Trail beyond Flagstaff Lake….Plus the good stuff is in the Valley on either side of Route 27.   This place will rival Kingdom trails as a destination MTB area (if its not already).   Let me know if you have any specific questions.



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        Great man!!! I’m really gonna start looking into it… I have plenty of time to figure it out since it wont happen until July, but I really appreciate the info…

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